Friday, May 8, 2009

Fake People....

What's on my mind?

......hmmm, well actually this manner has been on my mind a lot lately. The subject has been turned on and off but mostly on. Only because it's always being triggered by a certain thing. Now it wouldn't be fair to be so specific on this subject matter only because...well I have my reasons. But basically it's about "fake" people.

(Before I begin I would just like to say...I'm not an expert on any of this, it's just my personal preference)

Some signs that you could possibly encounter a fake person are:

  • They're nice to you in front of your face, but you hear sh*t from other people that, that person said about you.
  • Only is nice to you when he or she wants something from you or that has to involve you in it.
  • Doesn't tell you things straight up.
  • Gives you a fake smile, only when he or she has to. (Now you're probably wondering how do you know if its a fake smile. Well one major clue is that if their smile doesn't reach their eyes)
  • Their reasons to you to avoid something doesn't make sense.
Now I'm sure there are more ways to see if a person is being fake with you. But these are just some of my personal encounters with them.

  • You may confront them and ask them to just be straight up with you
  • Give them hints that you know they're being fake
Now I would NOT suggest that you do the same thing with them, because you're lowering yourself to their level. So be the bigger person, step up to the plate. (growing up I've always been taught to be the bigger person in any situation... i.e. when I get into a fight with a friend I'm usually first to try to talk it out and find a solution to the problem. That is also because I don't like staying mad for so long, it drains so much energy out of me. and most importantly i hate the tention and stress it brings when i'm around that person) But be careful of what you say because you don't want to say something stupid, that would make you look dumb. "Think before you speak". And most of all DO NOT say anything when you're super mad! Only because you will say things you may later regret. Let yourself cool down and don't take too long to cool down because the other person may think you're avoiding the subject or them or you just don't care. Now if you really don't care then by all means ignore the person. But if its for someone you do care about don't keep them waiting for too long. And PLEASE also LISTEN to what they have to say, even it is stupid and they didn't think before they spoke. Some of the things they say can or may be true, take into consideration of others. (in other words, being a complete b*tch isn't the right path to follow'll just end up gathering a lot of enemies and no one really wants that...right?? lol)

So hope you enjoyed my little insight on this subject. I also hope you learned somethings from this. Now everyone my not agree and that's okay people have different perspectives and this is just mine.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Everyday makeup look

So i apologize for not updating this as often as possible. I've been busy with school but I try my best to keep up with my online social life (idk what else to call it)

So for my everyday look the products I used were:

Bare Minerals Foundation SPF15

Bare Minerals in Warmth (I used to contour)

Bare Minerals in Bisque (the neutral eyeshadow I used on my lid)

MAC Swiss Chocolate eyeshadow (for my outter corner & lower lash line) They MAC Espresso eyeshadow to darken up the outter quarter of my lower lash line

HIP Cream Liner to line my top lashes

PlushGlass in Wildy Lush by MAC

So these are basically the main products I used. Everything else is pretty basic with the eyelash curler and mascara.

Check out my video, if you haven't done so already (look for "My favorite everyday look")

Friday, April 10, 2009

Supermoisture Foundation & other Clinique products

So I did a video on the new foundation I bought along with other clinique products that I got along with the foundation. Go check it out on

Now some of the other stuff I got were:

Up-lighting illuminator

Rose Taffy Lipstick

Glow Blush Cream stick

Monday, April 6, 2009

New Favorite Foundation

Retail Price: $22.50
I must say I'm impressed that it does feel so moisturizing and doesn't leave my skin looking dry at all. I tried it on in the store when the sales lady put it on me to match me up to a color and I didn't even put any moisturizing prior to applying the foundation and it left my skin looking flawless and gave it that dewy finish. No powder was applied except for a little bit of bronzer to give me a little bit of color. Since I'm so pale I was matched up to "Fair 03". Now for those who are Clinique savy this type of foundation is for Skin type I&II. Meaning it's for Very Dry to Dry Combination skin. I would highly recommend this product and it never hurts to go check it out! If you have sensitive skin and is allergy prone don't worry try out clinique because they are a definitely a hypoallergenic makeup company. They pride themselves on that.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Ladies! I cannot stress enough how IMPORTANT it is to moisturize! It keeps your skin from drying out and cracking which can cause you getting little mini cuts on your skin that you can see and sometimes you cannot see. But it's still a cut and you can get an infection from or just irritated skin.
Now winter time is almost over, thank god but that doesn't mean you should stop moisturizing up! But I do stress if you live in a cold environment your skin can dry up and crack especially when you have a stuffy nose and constantly use tissue to blow your nose and then your nose get sensitive after awhile. But before I get off topic, your skin can get very dried out in winter seasons as well as summer season. And it is important to keep your skin hydrated!
Now what I use is Aveeno Clear Complexion Daily Moisturizer, which you can get in practically any drug store and it is very accessible. Now the price varies from place to place (I think) but this is a very good moisturizer especially for those who have sensitive skin and those fancy expensive products make their skin irritated or break out. Now reviewing this product, it actually makes my skin feel refreshed and smooth. It doesn't have a scent which is good for me at least because I really don't like strong smells on my face and they even come in different types like I use the clear complexion for even looking skin and to prevent breakouts, but they also have Positively Radiant with an spf of 30 and an ultra calming moisturizing one that help reduce redness and that has spf 15.
Now you can use any type of face lotion you have so don't take it as if I'm telling you that you should get aveeno but if your looking for a moisturizer then this could give you an idea. It never hurts to go check it out!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Okie dokie folks! These are my two favorite foundations ever! Clinique Superfit Makeup and Mac Studio Sculpt. Now I'm not one that really needs a lot of coverage but my face does tend to get red around my cheeks which I didn't mind before until recently. I use "Healthy 06" in Clinique's Superfit makeup and NW20 in MAC's Studio sculpt. Now the difference between the two is that Mac's Studio Sculpt has SPF 15 and is more of a gel based foundation and obviously its in a tube and contains more and also cost more. It's $28.00. Now the Clinique Superfit Makeup is $20.50 but it comes in a smaller bottle. This type of foundation is much more liquidy than the studio sculpt. With both products you don't need to use much, just about a pea size amount and sometimes that may be too much, but it all depends on what type of coverage you are going for. From my personal opinion I believe the best way to get a flawless application of both products is to use a brush and a 187 or 188 brush in particular, by MAC. I stipple my foundation on in order to get a flawless airbrushed look and so that my face doesn't look so cakey. I like my makeup to look as natural as possible. So, in conclusion I HIGHLY recommend these two foundations if you're looking into getting a foundation. It doesn't hurt to go check it out!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

About Little Ol' Me =]

Hello!! So my name is Jesse and i currently reside in NEW YORK! I'm a 20 year young college student. My nationality is FILIPINA and i came here when I was about 4 or 5. Also unlike most flips that come to U.S. at a young age I still remember how to fluently speak my native language and understand it well. (I'm just that awesome!) I love to dance! but unfortunately i've stopped dancing after about 11 years of dancing to try to focus on other things because dance took up so much of my time, from classes, rehearsals, performances, etc. I also have some martial arts background tae kwon do since i started dancing then karate. I absolutely love to be multi-talented! IDK about now though. lol. But everytime I see someone dancing or a dance movie it makes me wanted to go back and shake it! woohoo! lmao Which I plan on in the near future when I find the time.........Status??? Practically Married! Since 918o6. I'm in love! Luis Baby!! *kiSs*...........Random stuff: I have 3 doggies (practically my children) Clark, who's my big boy 11 yrs young. Honey, my baby yorkie 1 yr young. Bella, my chi-chi 1 yr young also. I love the movies & books LORD OF THE RINGS & TWILIGHT. and my new found obsession is makeup! I'm currently aspire to be a make-up artist. oh and FOOD!! i love rice & beans (lol sorry i grew up around hispanics especially puerto ricans and just now dominicans), spaghetti, spinach with cheese, ramen noodles, extraaaaa cheese pizza, mushrooms, olives, pickles, and Jesse made salad. I have a feeling there's more but I can't quite remember. WELL THATS ALL FOLKS