Saturday, March 21, 2009

About Little Ol' Me =]

Hello!! So my name is Jesse and i currently reside in NEW YORK! I'm a 20 year young college student. My nationality is FILIPINA and i came here when I was about 4 or 5. Also unlike most flips that come to U.S. at a young age I still remember how to fluently speak my native language and understand it well. (I'm just that awesome!) I love to dance! but unfortunately i've stopped dancing after about 11 years of dancing to try to focus on other things because dance took up so much of my time, from classes, rehearsals, performances, etc. I also have some martial arts background tae kwon do since i started dancing then karate. I absolutely love to be multi-talented! IDK about now though. lol. But everytime I see someone dancing or a dance movie it makes me wanted to go back and shake it! woohoo! lmao Which I plan on in the near future when I find the time.........Status??? Practically Married! Since 918o6. I'm in love! Luis Baby!! *kiSs*...........Random stuff: I have 3 doggies (practically my children) Clark, who's my big boy 11 yrs young. Honey, my baby yorkie 1 yr young. Bella, my chi-chi 1 yr young also. I love the movies & books LORD OF THE RINGS & TWILIGHT. and my new found obsession is makeup! I'm currently aspire to be a make-up artist. oh and FOOD!! i love rice & beans (lol sorry i grew up around hispanics especially puerto ricans and just now dominicans), spaghetti, spinach with cheese, ramen noodles, extraaaaa cheese pizza, mushrooms, olives, pickles, and Jesse made salad. I have a feeling there's more but I can't quite remember. WELL THATS ALL FOLKS

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